Decentralized NDA Storage for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers in the co-creation era


The simplest way to create and store NDA securely on the decentralized web


Legal document is headaches for early stage entrepreneurs and freelancers. Cusaly is designed to help you do more and work less. Let's focus on your business and scale fast.


Protect your business with templated NDAs and contracts and legally binding e-signature in the encrypted, decentralised storage on IPFS. Never let third parties change, rewrite your document. Cusaly cover your business, signing document online, on any devices.   


Easy to create, sign, and store mutual e-contract agreement on decentralized IPFS. Yes, it's easy to make and sign NDAs on the decentralised platform. Your NDAs will never be altered or deleted after you sign it.


your legal partner


We are based in Berlin with global business community. By supporting open innovation challenges with corporations, we figured out the legal challenges are one of the most common issue when small startups or individual professionals work and partner with corporations. We saw many startups and individuals with great ideas and product but eventually, due to the lack of legal literacy many can't stand for long. So we thought by making "easy & casual" legal tools for everyone involving value creation, with "decentralised technology" for the decentralised era will help to solve the problem.


Business is getting more "Location Free""Independent""Co-Creation Based" We empower entrepreneurs and freelancers by providing tools on the decentralised platform, to protect and scale business fast and globally.

In the modern work environment, we simplify complex tasks easier legal contract easier, and more secure from fabrication.

Do more what you Love, we take the rest.

Cusaly makes business contract easy for everyone who co-creates value and scale fast in the collaborative business environment.


Cusaly use decentralised web structure on IPFS.  IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System and it is an open-source, peer-to-peer distributed hypermedia protocol that aims to function as a ubiquitous file system for all computing devices. All document hash on Cusaly will be automatically encrypted and stored in IPFS distributed web storage.





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